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Every day is open house at DanceFit...

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Sometimes you do hear a few things that are just worth repeating... here are few quotes that we've overheard... yeah, no one is an original idea, but when repeated, it resonates over and over in the universe.


"It is a pleasure to see somebody who is not a stick figure dancing!" -Joy Behar, The View

"Any woman can look her best when she feels good in her skin... its not a question of clothes or makeup. It's how she sparkles.  -Sophia Loren


"Decide how you want to feel and look... then be your own doctor or go get a doctor to prescribe what it takes to work your body out right!" -Edna-Jakki


"When the spirit speaks, you know. -Marie Osmond on Oprah




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Look for new Acting Basics, ChairYoga, YogaFlow, MatCore, Ballet for Seniors, FlirtyGirl and new classes for Seniors.




EDT presents their annual performance at DanceFit Studio... featuring EDT, DanceFit Studio and Sepia Theater members. Keep an eye out for our next performance. Purchase tickets from members or at our online store.



Here we will discuss the latest trends and topics on how to feel good and look great!; tips & techniques for working out and staying in shape; Latest FitBody information; get more information at PersonalFit. 


Coming Soon!


Weight Control

Yep, there is such a thing... a connection between the different aspects of being healthy, fit, & well... DanceFit training makes the connection!


Edna-Jakki's integrative fitness approach integrates the three centers of being: mind/body/spirit.


Yogic Breathing

Breathing is so important... it is the key to getting enough oxygen to the cells... here is a breathing exercise to try... for more, visit our YogaBeing or YogaLight page.


1. Take a complete breath into the belly

2. Move the breath to the ribs

3. Now move the breath to the chest

4. Exhale all of the air slowly from the chest, ribs and belly. Repeat 3 times.

Are you on the good foot?

1. Do you exercise at least 3 time/week?

2. Do you participate in cardio aerobic movements at least 3 times/week?

3. Do you lift weights or do some type of weight training program?


If  you answered no to any of the questions, you need to get on the good foot!