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Edna-Jakki Miller, DanceFit CreatorEdna-Jakki Miller, Creator of DanceFit is known for her results-oriented techniques.  She has a unique ability to create and deliver exciting, dynamic, and motivating fitness classes that are fun to do and easy to follow while at the same time being athletic, powerful and physically demanding.  She is a dance and fitness professional who performs & teaches in the US and internationally. She has owned dance & fitness studios/clubs and currently hosts her own cable TV show –Feeling Good & Looking Great!   She is owner, & director of FitBody, Group Fitness Training and PersonalFit, Personal Fitness Training. FitBody provides group training in dance and fitness and LER Systems (light energy routines). PersonalFit provides fitness training and fitness consulting.  In addition, Edna-Jakki provides business services in the area of strategy, planning, business and personal development, team building, and diversity.


A producer and choreographer of fitness videos for cable and commercial sale, she has published the following articles including: How To Work Your Body Out Right!; Aerobics & Bodybuilding - Do They Mix?; LSD: Burning Fat The DanceFit Way; Choreography from the Gut; and Moving In The Light.  She has a BS, Physical Education; MEd, Exercise Physiology; MBA, Business & Telecommunications; & numerous certifications & awards.

Fitness Consultant - develop results-driven fitness solutions for groups, clubs, and individuals

Offer consulting and training services in the area of strategic planning, business development, pre-sale, and marketing, to health clubs, club owners, dance studios, and personal training centers.  

    Design and implement all marketing, promotion and advertisement for income generation and cost recovery.  

    Manage and provide training for excellence in day-to-day operations, customer service, professional development of staff.

    Develop fitness programming and design and develop pre-sale strategy and plans.

    Provide training for group fitness directors and certification in group fitness training programs.

FITNESS INSTRUCTOR AND PERSONAL TRAINER - develops expert dance and fitness programs for all levels& ages.

Designs, presents, and instructs classes and workshops in DanceFit, aerobics (funk, hi/lo, step, cardio kickboxing), dance (rhythm, jazz, and African), body conditioning, yoga, and strength/weight training.  

    Producer and Choreographer of fitness videos for cable and commercial sale.

    Creator of DanceFit: Integrative Fitness â , a body-mind-spirit fitness program.

    Creator of DIFTA (DanceFit International Fitness Training Association) aerobic training & certification program.

    Creator, Moving In The Light ä , uses light (energy) to focus and move the muscles in specific patterns, LSD - fat burning program, BME - behavior modification experience.

    Competitive Bodybuilder and Placeholder, Best Poser Award, NPC Bodybuilding Judge

    Physical Education Instructor and Coach - Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio

PRESENTATION & TEACHING EXPERIENCE - presents workshops, seminars and lectures on topics of fitness, health, stress management, first aid/CPR, personal development and business management. 

    Specialty Class, DanceFit - Univ of Va, Farmington Country Club, Terry Dean's Dance Studio

    BodyLine Gym, Malawi, Africa - FitBody classes, Fitness Certification & Workshops

    Fitness Expo - James Madison University,   University of Maryland

    Health Clubs (local) - ACAC, New Fitness, The Senior Center, Farmington, UVA

    Various YWCAs and YMCAs

    Artist in Residence- Boggs Academy, Albany, Georgia

    Owner, Club West Health & Fitness Center; Chicago, Illinois.

    Founder, Owner & Director, Instructor - Edna-Jakki Miller's DanceFit (home of FitBody and PersonalFit), Experience Dance Theatre, and ED’NA Dancers.

    Creator, Moderator, and Host of Feeling Great and Looking Good Cable TV show - Manhattan Cable.

    Instructor, Hiram College and Bowling Green State University

    Regional and Local Bodybuilding NPC Judge


    How To Work Your Body Out Right! - Articles, Tips & Techniques

    Aerobics & Bodybuilding - Do They Mix?

    LSD: Burning Fat The DanceFit Way

    Moving In The Light

    DanceFit Exercise Video

    The Ultimate Body Workshop


    TV Show Host, Feeling Good & Looking Great, Manhattan Cable

    TV Show Host, Feeling Good & Looking Great, Charlottesville Public Access TV

    Channel 5, News Coverage for Fitness Event

    Black Memo, Fitness Expert

    NAACP Presents, Dance Feature


    Jesus Christ Superstar,

    The Wiz,

    The Sistahs,

    Little Boy Jazz,

    Let's Go To The Movies,

    The Wiz

    For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide


    Individual Artist Award, Piedmont Council of the Arts

    NAACP - Woman of the Year

    Outstanding Young Woman of America

    Proclamation - Jakki Miller Day in Cincinnati, Ohio

    Who's Who in Business & Professional Women

    Outstanding Achievement and Community Service Awards

Education: BS , Phys Educ, NCCU, North Carolina; MEd , Exercise Physiology, BGSU, Ohio; MBA , IIT, Chicago