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Mobility - Move your body the "right" way for results.

Longevity - Reduce your risk of disease... make right actions!

Vitality - Increase your ability to have FUN, and feel lively!


Four Keys to functioning

effectively & efficiently!

    Eat for Health

    Drink for Health

    Breathe for Health

    Move for Health 

Make a commitment to think and act smart... ... let us know what you are doing or have done in your battle of fighting obesity...  join me in an ongoing open forum discussion!

EJ's Four Step Plan for Success!

    1. Get help from a professional!

    2. Get buy-in from your stakeholders!

    3. Eat, drink, breathe, and live smart!

    4. Work your body out right!

Recommended daily intake of fiber: 25g/day

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Hello, my name is Edna-Jakki and I am succeeding at my personal war on obesity. In fact, it was the entire reason for me becoming interested in longevity, vitality, and mobility. Most of my students and clients are familiar with my saying of "we get fit, one workout at a time!" I believe that 80% of most folks problem is in only 20% of what they are doing or not doing... the magic is finding the 20%.


Often I am told so how great I look and I know how good I feel... how does this happen... what does it really take... and what about you?  Yes, I do have many of the answers and a good idea of what works to develop systemic long-term solutions for sustained results... but we need you! Be sure to let me know what you are doing to keep it together.

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"Women, particularly African American women are suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, and other illnesses caused by obesity. DanceFit offers a solution to those problems. A great deal of young Black women suffer from low self-esteem due to a negative self-image, DanceFit offers a place where these negative mental models can be challenged and conquered."