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DanceFit has a diverse selection of movement classes including dance technique, dance-fitness, and body-mind classes. Classes are taught by trained professionals and follow all exercise and fitness guidelines for safe and effective training. All of our classes are custom designed and are unique in format and style incorporating principles of natural movement that can be applied functionally to all aspects of daily living. Classes are joint-friendly, safe, effective, balanced and energizing targeting the whole you. Perfect for all levels and ages.


Our dance classes that helps students learn basic through advanced technique and skills whether they want to become better performers or create a dancer's body and self-expression. We offer beginning and advanced dance classes for fun and fitness. Click on any of the links above for a full description of our dance classes. 

Ballet classes stress correct placement (body alignment), and correct ballet technique. Class level is determined by the instructor, and is based on an individual assessment. All students receive corrections during class to help them advance. Classes are ongoing. Once a year ballet students are given the opportunity to perform in a recital. No one is required to perform, Costumes will consist of leotards, tights, shoes, and a simple skirt.


Adult Ballet

Ballet technique for beginners through intermediate. This class covers the basic exercises at the barre, in the center, and combinations that form the foundation of a dancer's program.


Senior Ballet

Ballet technique for those who are seniors and/or limited mobility and flexibility. Traditional ballet technique fused with movements to increase hip and joint strength and flexibility. Works with balance and stability. The class moves a slow pace so that all can progress together.


Ballet for Teens

This class is for teens and/or adults who have never had a ballet class, or for those who want to review the basics. This series of classes introduces the basic exercises and body positions.


Ballet for Children :

    Ballet for Children 3-7 years old (45 minutes)

    Ballet for this age group focuses less traditional barre work and more independent movement. Balance, hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping (basic locomotor movements), age appropriate stretches, basic positions of the feet and arms, the concept of parallel vs. turned out legs and feet, and ballet class etiquette are part of the curriculum. Students also learn ballet terminology.


    Ballet for Children 8-12 years old (55 minutes)

    Ballet for this age group reinforces the basic concepts and gradually moves the students into the traditional ballet class format of barre followed by center exercises. The process is gradual to ensure that students develop their muscles correctly and do not force turnout. Moving in time with the music becomes more important, as well as memorization of ballet terminology. Character dance steps are incorporated into classes. This level of training is also designed for children who want to advance their studies and, for girls, prepares them for pointe.

Hip Hop To the hip to the hop is an energized street funk class for fun music, dancing and moving to the latest hip hop and street beats! (Benefits: Fat-Burning, Cardiovascular Strength, Muscle Development, Coordination, Balance, Rhythm) Fuses together jazz funk, hip hop, street jazz, funk and break dance in a basic workout for all levels of fitness. You will have a jammin' good time with great music!

We will keep your heart pounding to the latest dance mixes. You'll learn energetic choreography and moves that follow a progressive and instructional format. The music will make you want to dance to the fun hip-hop moves and some funky dance routines. Prior dance experience is not required – all you need is a desire to MOVE!

Jazz is a mixed-level class that begins with a warm-up (alignment, strength, and stretch); progresses with jazz isolations and across the floor (turns, kicks and jumps); and culminates with a choreographed combination incorporating fundamental movements already practiced.  This class gives students the tools to pick up choreography in any style, get ready for auditions and improve their performance skills needed for stage and screen.


Jazz I-Beginners combines the excitement of moving in several styles while developing basic technical skills and proper alignment and body awareness.  Short combinations in diverse styles (lyric, blues, hip hop, and Broadway) focus on musicality and the ability to move through space.

Jazz II-Advanced beginners develops the body's proper alignment, flexibility and control.  Includes isolations for different parts of the body and coordination of the arms, head and legs.  Longer combinations that emphasize expressiveness in lyrical and dynamic Broadway styles in the center and across the floor.

Jazz III-Intermediate/advanced emphasizes proper placement, increased flexibility and control.  Isolation exercises and short combinations focusing on extensions and turns are done in the center.  Long sections of jazz choreography in contrasting styles are given in the center and across the floor.  Students are coached on performance skills (focus, dynamic contrast, musicality, etc.).

KidPower includes classes in Dance, Fitness, Creativity, Self Esteem, Self Discipline, Leadership, & Followship focusing on individual attention, skills development, special needs, behavior modification, skills modification, and personal growth.


Kids Ages 3 - 5

For children aged 3 through 5. Exploratory movement full of fun, games, and dancing.

Kids Ages 6 - 12

For children ages 6 through 12.  Beginning study of dance including ballet, jazz, modern, improvisation, hip-hop, tap, improvisation, African, and performance choreography.

Specialty Programs

RightWay - A special program designed to help kids address self-esteem and personal growth issues. Kids need to find a place for themselves in our world so that they are empowered to think critically and know their own minds. Call to register.

DropZone - A special program designed to drop the pounds... Because, obesity is our highest priority... join us as we join the nation in the fight to keep our kids healthy! for kids who are overweight and/or obese who need special attention. As a kid and as an adult, I have been winning the battle... so let me help you and your kids. Call to register.

Modern. Modern technique with an emphasis on Horton and Dunham dance techniques. Bare feet and/or studio shoes and comfortable clothes.

MovingEnergy is a Free Style dance class... move from the inside out; free the body, inspire your soul, and express the freedom within your body: Move Your Body, Feel Your Energy, Let Your Spirit Soar


What is MovingEnergy? Increase your energy and body dynamics with a MovingEnergy class.  This unique holistic movement class expands the boundaries of yoga with the dynamic qualities of dance. This type of movement integrates your three energy centers: body, mind, and spirit for increased vitality, mobility, and longevity.


MovingEnergy brings more fun into your life and into your workout by integrating many techniques such as yoga, improvisation, creative movement, breathing, music, and play into a dynamic experience of self-expression. 

The class is designed to discover, create, and build energy throughout the body using structured sequences of natural movement patterns to integrate, open and energize the seven energy centers of the body, known as chakras. Set to invigorating and pulsating rhythms, sounds of world beat, dance and sacred music, this class allows you to feel the flow; sometimes, smooth and tranquil and sometimes dynamic and strong.


Why MovingEnergy? MovingEnergy is a form of movement in which participants move from the inside out and outside in to tap into their inner and outer vibrations inspired by the music and the energy within the body. The movements and music help to create the right environment for self-discovery and self-mastery to move using one’s self-expression and feelings of empowerment.

The inspiration for movement comes from both conscious and unconscious awareness of what and how the body is moving; its about using whatever comes from within. There is no judgment, expectations, and/or right or wrong. The “rightness” of what is created lies with the mover thus, no previous dance experience is necessary. Each participant experiences MovingEnergy in their own way that feels good and honors their being.


What Can I Expect From MovingEnergy? If you can remember what is it to be free, to release all concerns about being right or wrong or finding someone else’s comfort in your body then this is the class for you. You will be able be the “you” in you and to explore those dimensions of yourself that you may know least… it can be like rediscovering yourself.

The class environment provides an open and safe space to move, release stress, relax, stretch, tone, breath, and condition the body all at the same time.  MovingEnergy includes a warm-up segment, a guided free-style rhythm movement segment set to inspiring music, and a guided relaxation segment to cool the body.


Classes begin with getting in touch with your body with lots of energizing breathing and progresses to full body movements of all parts of the body using easy, natural movements that are low impact dancing to all kinds of fun and energizing music. Participants experience a greater freedom of expression while still gaining the benefits of total body conditioning (strength, cardio, and flexibility) and leave the class feeling invigorated and energized allover. Additional benefits have included weight loss, gained strength, increased energy, more alertness, more awareness and acceptance of your body, and improved coordination and balance. Participants say that taking this class is like ‘creating my own therapy session”.


What Do I Need To Begin MovingEnergy? To begin MovingEnergy class, you need no special equipment. It is best just to show up a few minutes before a class if it is your first time to register. Wear loose and comfortable clothes (preferably cotton) so that you can breathe and move freely. Layers are a good choice. You may wear dance shoes if you wish however, bare feet seems to work best for most participants.

Tap. Students learn a series of exercises at the barre to strengthen the arches and heels of the feet; progresses to a series of rhythmic sequences are done that use syncopation, double and triple timing, hand claps, finger snaps and long breaks; moves to simple choreography based on exercises learned at the barre; and concludes with complex technical skills while tapping, progressions, moving through space , and short combinations traveling forwards, backwards, and side to side across the floor.

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear...not absence of fear.  -Mark Twain