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DANCE | FITNESS | YOGA | ACTING | MODELING & More... for ages 3-103... all levels!

 EJ, DanceFit Creator Hi, I'm Edna-Jakki Miller, Creator of DanceFit Studio and the Original DanceFit Workout... thank you for visiting us.


DanceFit Studio is a small and private Studio offering a wide range of classes in dance, fitness, yoga, acting, and modeling. We provide all you need for optimum fitness and achieving your personal goals. For the past 45+ years, I have been designing and teaching integrative and holistic-based dance, fitness, dance-fitness and wellness programs.


DanceFit Studio was created to offer traditional dance classes, results-oriented fitness classes, and specialty classes and workshops that support our integrative approach to helping the whole performer. Every class, workout, training session or program takes in account that we are whole beings with three centers of our being: physical, mental, and spiritual center. That's why I design all of DanceFit's programs inside out and outside in. In addition, I incorporate energy healing and dynamic wellness principles and practices.


At DanceFit, we labor to provide you with a great environment to meet your goals by putting together a great selection of classes, workshops and programs for you to choose from. If you don't see something that you need, please contact us and we will make sure that we put it on the schedule. Feel free to turn your training schedule into a group effort with cardio classes, toning and strength classes, yoga classes and dance classes.


The ultimate goal is for you to feel good and look great no matter the circumstance... at DanceFit, we go to great lengths to make it simple to find what you need that works. There is something for everyone: beginners through advanced, ages 3 to 103, all body types, and all fitness levels.


So, please join us for a fun and diverse variety of classes taught by certified and trained instructors... all in the same space! All classes are safe, effective, balanced & energizing. Your Coach, Edna-Jakki Miller


Because action cures fear -let us help you to get moving... today!


Specialty Classes & Workshops

Corporate Programs Available

 Top 5 reasons to join DanceFit today!

~ Affordable classes

~Flexible class schedule.

~ Small class size.

~ Fun & relaxed atmosphere.

~ Certified and experienced instructors!

    The 5 Right Roads to the Right Way!

    ~ Right Moving!

    ~ Right Eating!

    ~ Right Breathing!

    ~ Right Thinking!

    ~ Right Being!

      Here's what our Members are saying:

        "EJ is a great teacher and she has trained her staff well."

          "I love the fact that EJ focuses on me getting results... she takes my mind off the external stuff and makes sure that I focus from the inside out and outside in... now I understand that concept... duh!

            "Just love the classes at DanceFit. It is hard to see from the outside but she has developed workouts that work! I can spend more time doing other things too!"

              "Really, I get what I need in just one hour once or twice a week. EJ's philosophy is great - do only what you need... her focus is on quality and not quantity... Love it!"

                "I needed something that did not bore me and I did not feel I had to be at a fashion show or competitive event. And when I started at DanceFit, I knew I was at home! I still hate exercising but I love the classes and the "home-like" feel to the Studio when I'm working out."

                  "Fun, fun, fun... that's how I would describe it! Been here for 10 years and the workout is never the same. Trust me I stick because it works!"

                    "I suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, and have balance issues.

                      EJ has helped me work through this physically so that I no longer suffer from a lack of exercise. The biggest benefit is her knowledge about nutrition, wellness, yoga, and holistic health. And, she practices what she preaches... have you seen her?".

                        Change your mind and change your body! I know you want a change... Come on in and try a class today!

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                        Member of Yoga Alliance - E-RYT-500